Hi All
Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Celebration! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday January 11th, 2018 and in the New Year!

Our next meeting is Thursday the 11th of January @ Seattle Police Athletic Association small classroom to the north of the big hall @ 7 PM. See our website http://ecamumclub.org under “about” for a map & updated directions. Turn left at the end of the driveway fences. Classroom is on the right just north of the house.

SUPPLIES: (see notes in minutes) and please call Ronnie Elliot by Monday, January 8th to order M&R mix for both January and February meetings. We will have plant tags and twistems at the meeting.

Dues: Please pay your dues for 2018 at the January Meeting

NEW EVENT: Cutting College & Social
Jan 21st, 2018 12-2pm at Volunteer Park Conservatory Greenhouse.
Stool prep, cutting, and planting of #1’s and #2’s. Bring your stools and some food to share. More details to follow at the meeting.

2018 Project Bloom Suggestion:
Connie Mayhew

2017 NCS National Show in Portland:
Special Kudos to ECA Members Ron Elliot for 4 class wins and Tamara Bliley for 1 class win.
Link to Details

Two Million Hits to the ECA Website!!! We will be trying to link to our Facebook page and add more photos to this site in the next few months.

DRAFT MINUTES from ECA Meeting December 13, 2017.

ECA Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Kris Stephens, Ron Elliott, Richard Thompson, David Rynes, Erika Harris, Alva and Dennis Nishimura, Steve and Sue Joyner

Meeting was brought to order at 7:05 pm

Cultural Presentation – Ron Elliott
Care of your stools throughout the winter and growing new shoots for cuttings
Success for the coming year begins with the care of our stock so as to produce quality cuttings. It’s important that you identify your best plants from each variety and try to get your cuttings from those plants. Weak or diseased plants should be destroyed.
Cut back your plants to a 4 inch stem.
Remove all old leaves and new leaves on new appearing shoots.
Clean up your pots and set them outside and sheltered from wind, rain and slugs.
It is important for the stool to remain relatively cool during this short dormant period. This chilling will help produce much stronger cuttings for next year’s growing cycle.

Protect your plants from hard freezing (Lower than 28 deg.) Mums are hardy and most plants can stand a night or more of freezing temperatures, but 3 consecutive nights of hard freezing will probably kill all but the hardiest mums. During severe cold snaps a garage, shed, greenhouse, cold frame, or a tarp can be used temporarily to protect the plants till the cold subsides

Three to four weeks before the desired cutting times bring the stools into a heated area (60 deg. For example), water them and fertilize with a high Nitrogen fertilizer such as Miracle Grow (24-8-16) to stimulate new growth.

In general cutting will be taken from Jan. 15th and on.

Business Meeting:
October 12, 2017 meeting minutes were read by Sue Joyner. Motion to accept by Kris Stephens and 2nd by Steve Joyner. Approved by all in attendance

1. 2018 slate of officers was presented

President: Kris Stephens

Vice President: Steve Joyner

Secretary: Sue Joyner

Treasurer: Sydney Ogilive

3 year trustee: Chris Brookes

3 year Trustee: David Rynes

2 year trustee: Jill Aldrich

2 year trustee: Mas Tamekuni

1 year trustee: Ann Schriebe

1 year trustee: Mark Ross

Cultural: Mark Ross and Steve Joyner

A motion to accept the 2018 slate of officers was made by Richard Thompson and 2nd-ed by Dave Rynes. Approved by all in attendance.

2. Decision was made to order 50 planting trays. Sue Joyner to make a Steubers run to purchase 3 boxes white tags, 2 boxes, yellow tags and 1 box purple tags; 3 bottles of root tone and 1 bag of high nitrogen fertilizer. Also to pick up a box of pencils.

3. Trustee’s annual meeting
Kris Stephens will coordinate the trustee meeting for a January to February time frame. Kris wil contact Bob Ewing to secure a meeting location at Wesley Gardens.

4. Cutting and planning social/potluck
Proposed January 20th and February 24th for cutting and planting social/potluck. Proposed location is the Volunteer park conservatory. Kris to coordinate dates and location with VPC David Helgeson.

5. Proposed meeting dates
Jan 20th cutting/planting event will be in lieu of the January 13th meeting.Ed NOTE: False – still holding regular meeting January 11th)
February 8th regular Thursday evening meeting
February 24th second cutting/planting event.

6. Other proposed dates:
March 8th – first ECA member plant sale
April 12th – second ECA member plant sale.
April 14th – Public plant sale at VPC

7. Social Media Addition – add membership application

8. January and February discussion topic – strategies for deciding what plants to grow for the show. Challenges and vases containing multiple blooms display better at the show and would allow for more blooms in our limited display space

9. Vases – need larger vases for multiple bloom entries (5-6 inches across the top)
Erika Harris to contact a local wholesale florist for pricing/quantity discounts. We would prefer similar larger vases for display in the show.

10. Trophies – what are the various trophies? Should we retire and replace some of the well-loved (and used) trophies? It was suggested that Larry Mayer would be a great resource providing background information on past award/trophy purchases.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm
Sue Joyner, Secretary