Greetings All

I hope everyone had mums at their Thanksgiving table!

Our December meeting is Thursday the 14th @ Seattle Police Athletic Association NORTH CLASSROOM @ 7 PM. See our website under about for a map & directions.

This is an important meeting as we determine officers for the coming year. Nominations are encouraged from the floor at the December meeting for all open officer and trustee positions. It is up to all of us to rotate as officers periodically to provide the club fresh ideas and new perspectives.Please plan to be there to discuss leadership opportunities for next season. There will be openings for Yearbook Publisher, at the minimum. We are an all volunteer organization – please step up if you are able.

Our Banquet was held again at Angelo’s in Burien November 15th..

2018 Club Dues
Members are encouraged to pay dues for 2018. Annual dues are $15/member or $20/couple. Checks made out to the ECA or cash should be given to Sydney Ogilvie, current ECA Treasurer.
If you wish to continue receiving the Newsletters and “To Do” Lists, you are encouraged to pay your dues for 2018 by January, so you are not dropped from our Database. The ECA By-Laws, Article 1, states that fees are due no later than the March meeting for members who have paid dues in 2017.

Draft Minutes from October Meeting by Sue Joyner:

October 12, 2017 meeting called to order 7:25 pm.
11 members present, Steve Backstrom, Jill and Rich Aldrich, Ron Elliott, June Kubo, Masako Kubo, Erika Harris, Richard Thompson, Bob Ewing, Mark Ross, Kris Stephens

(The meeting was delayed because the door to our room was locked upon our arrival.)

Ron’s cultural presentation focus:
Demonstrated how to use the green shingle stick to stabilize the bloom
Initial cut of the bloom stem is to be longer than the final length of stem for placement in the vase. Often you make your first stem cut 20 inches in length.
Always make 2nd cut of the stem under water before putting stem in vase.
If you mistakenly cut the stem too short, use a 2nd green shingle stick to act as a fake stem for length, or wad a bit of newspaper into vase to give stem more ballast.
Use of B-9. This is a personal decision, if you think the distance between the bloom and the first set of leaves is too great today (10/12/17), Paint the distance at full strength along the neck. This will retard the neck from growing even longer.
Discussed tools and techniques to primp individual blooms for the show.
-Primping refers to grooming the petals to lay ‘just right or as best they can’ , shaking the bloom upside down a few times to let it fluff, (add your thots here Sue/Steve ). Paintbrushes, Q-tips, narrow picks, (….Sue/Steve please add yours and Don’s tool recommendations to the list, thx Kris)
Water your plants sparingly. Flagged leaves are a good indicator for light watering.
Practiced filling out the actual Show tags.

Sept minutes read by S Backstrom Motion to accept by MRoss, 2nd by R Thompson. All agreed.
September Treasurer report read by S Ogilvie. Motion to accept J Kubo, 2nd R Elliott. All agreed.

New Business
Banquet date officially changed to occur Wednesday Nov 15, 2017.
6pm no host bar, 7 pm dinner. Steve Backstrom circulated the sign up sheet for dinner choices, Beef, Chicken or Vegan. If a member has a special request do contact Steve. He is the liaison between Angelo’s and our club. And Angelo’s is very accommodating to our requests so don’t hesitate to make your request.
Discussion ensued whether club would subsidize the banquets $25 per plate charge. Motioned by KStephens and 2nd J Kubo to keep price. $25 with no subsidy. All agreed.

Bob Ewing and Ron Elliott circulated a duties sign up sheet for the Fall Show:

Sheet #1: Hosting in two hour segments between Show hours of 10am-4pm sat/sun
and Friday after judging 12-4pm.

Saturday Nov 4 Hosting
8-10am Erika Harris ( hmm Show is not open then)
10am-12 pm not filled
12-2pm Ron Elliott
2-4pm. Ron Elliott

Sunday Nov 5 Hosting
8-10am Erika Harris- tentative (again Show is not open)
10am-12pm not filled
12pm-2pm Sydney Oglivie, Richard Thompson
2pm-4pm Mark Ross, Richard Thompson

Please notice that Friday was not included as a day for Hosting.

Sheet #2: Setting up on Thursday Nov 2. 10-4pm
Bob Ewing and Roger 1pm
Kris Stephens 11am
Erika Harris
Jill Aldrich
Mark Ross 11 am
Richard Aldrich-maybe
(with their approx arrival times noted)
Jobs noted : fill water vases, arrange apply tablecloths, place watering cans, place classification cards on tables, etc.

Ron shared his visit as Speaker to a club in Tacoma called ‘ the Learners Club. He presented our growing technique and culture. Several of that club are visiting Rons home this wknd to see his Chrysanthemums in person. ECA flyers for our Show will be given to them.

ECA 2017 Show announcement flyers and postcards were brought in by Bob Ewing and the Aldrich’s. Several members took copies to post, and. to distribute to local gardening outlets. Contacts for public announcements are on que by the Aldrich’s.

Several questions came about while the sign up sheets were circulating. It seemed to us all that David Helgeson wud have the answers. To minimize confusion, and follow D Helgeson request for streamlined communication, all felt Steve Joyner contact David at the earliest convenience. Those questions were;

Wud VPC forklift bring the vases/tablecloths-basically the pallets holding our ECA show supplies up to the lower GH area in time for Thursday set up?
Can we set up any of the tables and vases prior to Thursday: specifically, as one example: cud June and her mom come to the lower GH to cut and tag their flowers into vases on either the M,T or Wed?, hence cud other members come to do same within VPC hours on the M,T, Wed?
At what time of day will the tables in seasonal display house be available to put vases on top of? {( Note: the original question was :when can the tables be moved into the seasonal display house – there was difficulty in reminding members that the tables are provided by VPC, ECA tables no longer exist exception is the winners/head table riser(s).}

4.Steve, please email DHelgesons replies to Steve Backstrom, he will cc all ECA members.

Ron advised each member choose and tag their blooms prior to transporting them to Volunteer Pk.

June Kubo has the list for the Banquet meal request. She will bring it to the Show to circulate. Also members may email Steve Backstrom directly with their meal request, and RSVP. Payment for your meal may be done at the banquet! Sydney will be present. $25.00 per person payable to our club.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10

2018 slate of officers:

President: Kris Stephens

Vice President: Steve Joyner

Secretary: Sue Joyner

Treasurer: Sydney Ogilive

3 year trustee: Chris Brookes

3 year Trustee: David Rynes

2 year trustee: Jill Aldrich

2 year trustee: Mas Tamekuni

1 year trustee: Ann Schriebe

1 year trustee: Mark Ross

Cultural: Mark Ross and Steve Joyner

December 2017 meeting agenda

Attendees will vote on nominated Officers to serve in 2018

Cultural discussion surrounding stool preparation for taking cuttings

Take your orders and payment for planting trays and it’s paraphernalia.

Discuss members’ preference for 2 “stool cutting & planting Social Potluck” dates and location.
Locations that are available to us are our SPAA room, or a Volunteer Park greenhouse.
(Because #1’s and #2’s like to be started in Dec/Jan and because #3’s, #4’s and so on are generally started in Feb, having 2 stool cutting and planting Social potlucks allows more members the possibility of participating in one or both.)
Regarding Volunteer Park, Kris is inquiring for greenhouse availability & the time of day or evening for Jan and Feb.

Set a Trustees meeting date for Jan/Feb or March to set/amend/update the 2018 calendar