MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY June 8th, 2017 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site; 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila. June is a particularly busy month in growing mums so hope you can attend the meeting and bring your questions!

Please be prepared to discuss our annual picnic and garden tour which was very poorly attended last year.

The following supplies will be available at the July meeting to support your final potting on. Call Ronnie right away if you need soils
Pre-Orders from Speciality Soils
– M&R Mix 1 cu ft. bag
– Pumice (coarse) 1 cu ft.
– Farmyard Manure 1 cu ft.

Other Club supplies available
– Mid Season Fertilizer, 20-9-20+ You’ll need this once you have potted on to the final pot-9″ or 8″
– Early Season fertilizer, 12-45-10
– Marathon 1% Systemic Insecticide (For control of black aphids)
-Twistems of various lengths
-Plant tags

DRAFT Minutes from May 11th Meeting
Attendees – Ron, Richard, Toshi, Bob, June, Kris, Heidi, Steve, Dave, Mark, Rich and Jill A, Sue, Erika, Alva and Dennis N

Cultural –
Fertilizer recommendations:
While in 6” pots use 15-45-10 to produce roots
After potting up to the large pots use 16-16-16 all-purpose fertilizer

Potting recommendations:
#3 in 8”pots
Connie Mayhews in 10” pots
Everything else in 9” pots

Leave room for top dressing

Marathon and B9 available next meeting –Sue to ask Jane Stark where Don purchased Marathon

Business Meeting:
Treasurer’s report
Total Savings and checking – did not receive

Plant Sale report:
Didn’t seem as well attended as in previous years
Missing signage
Mark predicted 50% of normal
Sydney reported $1473 in profits

Meeting location Update:
Sue Contacted SPAA on May 9th to ensure that the building would be unlocked for the May 9th meeting. SPAA John Wallys response – ECA is not on their calendar and no one knows about our meeting dates and times. We were able to meet in May. John plans to talk to the SPAA board about our meeting time and place. John was given Erika Harris’s name as both an ECA member and an SPAA member. John will get back to Sue re further use of SPAA as a meeting location

ECA 2017 Show location:
With Furney’s closure a show location search committee was formed at the April meeting. The committee brought several recommendations, after much discussion June Kubo made a motion to hold the 2017 show at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. Bob Ewing seconded the motion. The motion was approved by those in attendance. Show dates are Nov 3rd-5th with setup on Nov 1st and 2nd.
Kris Stephens volunteered to write a thank you note to Furney’s.

Supply storage:
With the Furney’s closure we need to locate a new storage location for the show supplies. The Volunteer Park Conservatory offered to provide storage for our supplies. A decision was made to reduce our storage footprint by getting rid of 12 wooden tables and possibly the yards burlap used to cover tables.

Rich, Mark, Ron, Bob, Richard, Steve, Alva and Dennis volunteered to meet at Furney’s on Sat May 13th at 11 am to move ECA show supplies – 2 pallets.

Marathon – Sue to find out where Don Stark purchased Marathon and the pill bottles.

Board meeting and Member directory
Mark Ross reported that we needed to have a board meeting to set a calendar and get the member directory and show book moving forward.

Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm
Respectfully submitted by Susan Joyner,ECA secretary

President John Harden has requested a volunteer to help with the supplies ordering.

Ronnie, Richard, Steve, Kris and Dennis & Alva Nishimura all showed up Saturday May 13th at Furneys to load our show supplies up. Then on Thursday May 18th, Richard, Bob Ewing and his son in law, Kris and Steve met David Helgeson at Volunteer Park to store our show supplies.

Friends of the Conservatory, a support organization, are quite eager to have the ECA do their show and plant sale at the Conservatory. We will not have as much room as we did at Furney’s but the traffic generated may help us increase our membership.