Seattle, Washington
Email us at: steve at ecamumclub dot org


MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY MAY 11th, 2017 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site; 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

Dues for 2017
Please pay up, if this has not been done yet, or you cannot enter your blooms in our show in November.


Ronnie Elliot & John Harden are handling the club supply orders. Please contact them NOW for soilless and supply needs at the May meeting.

Please bring any left over plants to the May Meeting as some members may still want some cultivars.

Furney’s is closing and is having a big sale. This is a big deal for our club as they have been very supportive. If you have any suggestions for a NEW Show and or Plant Sale Venue, please contact on of the committee members noted in the minutes below.

DRAFT Minutes from April 20th Meeting & Member Plant Sale:
Draft April 2017 ECA meeting minutes
Attendees – Ron E, Mas T, Richard T, Satoshi, June K, Masako K, Michael K,Carol W , John H, Kris S, Anne S, Sydney O, Steve B, Dave R, Mark R, Rich and Jill A, Sue J, Erika H, Alva and Dennis N
Cultural –
Connie Mayhew club 2017 specimen plant
Don’t forget to pay attention to your stop dates. ECA mum stop dates on website under cultivars
Use early fertilizer now – I Tsp / gal of water
B9 available next meeting

Over 65 flats of mum starts available
A large part of the meeting was devoted to member plant sale

New members:
Alva and Dennis Nishinura – Ron Elliott is coach
Heidi Garman – Anacortes – Steve Joyner is Coach

Business Meeting:
Treasurer’s report
Total Savings and checking – $5860.55
Cash – $204.72
Furney’s Nurseys is possibly closing in June
Erika, Michael, Kris, Sue committee to look for show venue
Consider equipment Storage – 4 shrink wrapped flats
Approx. 3000 square feet
Greater Puget Sound region

Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm
Respectfully submitted by Susan Joyner, ECA secretary