Hi All
Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Celebration! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday January 12th and in the New Year!
Our next meeting is Thursday the 12th of January @ Seattle Police Athletic Association Big Hall @ 7 PM. See our website http://ecamumclub.org under “about” for a map & directions.

Please place your orders for Earthpot starter trays with Mark Ross as soon as possible. The price is still $5.25/tray
Please call Ronnie Elliot by Tuesday, January 10th to order M&R mix for both January and February meetings. We will have plant tags and twistems at the meeting.

Dues: Please pay your dues for 2017 at the January Meeting

Elections: Since our December Meeting was canceled elections will be done at the January Meeting. Our organization is all volunteer – please consider taking a leadership or service role in our club!!

Public Plant Sale:
The date has been set for April 22, 2017 so as not yo conflict with Easter which is a busy time at Furneys. The later date may help us recover from the cold snap.

ECA Facebook Page”
Kris Stephens will be taking over the admin of our FB page.

2017 National NCS Show dates:
The Portland Chapter of the NCS will be hosting the National Convention again at the Monarch Hotel on October 26-29, 2017. Please contact ECA member Tamara Bliley with any questions.

ECA Cultivars:
Please bring a list of the stools YOU have so we can update our ECA Cultivars list. Below is Don Starks grow list from last year. Please look it over and let Ronnie, Sue, or Steve Joyner know if there are some cultivars you would like to take cuttings from so we can keep these in captivity!!!
Ideally we would have two or three members take cutting from each stool to maximize chances of survival.

MumFather’s Stools(these are plants which Don Stark was growing in 2016)
Alexis 5P
Apricot Alexis 5AOC
Athabasca 1P
Billy Bell 15W
-Yellow Billy Bell 15Y
Connie Mayhew 2/5 Y
Duke of Kent 1W
-Pink Duke of Kent 1P
Fair weather 5Pu
-Primrose Fwx. 5Y
-Salmon Fwx 5AOC
-White Fwx. 5AOC
-Yellow Fwx 5Y
Flair 10P
Gigantic 1AOC
-Amber Gigantic 1AOC
-G0lden Gigantic 1Br
-Bronze Gigantic 1Br
-Silver Gigantic 1AOC
Golden Rain 10Y
Harold Lawson 5Br
Harry Gee 1P
-Amber Harry Gee 1Br
-Apricot Harry G. 1AOC
-Salmon Harry Gee 1AOC
Heather James 3Br
James Bryant 2R
Jane Sharpe 2Br
Jessie Habgood 1W
-Cream Jessie H 1W
-Primrose Jessie H 1Y
-John Hughes 5W
– Yellow John H 5Y
* Keith Luxford 1p
King George 4R
Lancashire Fold 1Pu
Lancashire Lad 1Y
Lilly Gallon 2Pu
Lava 10Br
Lundy 2w
-Yellow Lundy 2Y
Margret Howells 5Y
Mount Rainier 5P
Pat Brophy 2P
Patricia Grace 10p
Patton -2011 Release 2Pu
Primrose Tennis 15Y
Seychelles 2P
Stan Addison 5P
Vienna Waltz 10P
West Bromwich 14W
White City 14W
*DRS Opinion: Keith Luxford was reclassified from a #2 to #1 recently. I wish to make an ECA exception for this , keeping it as a #2.
Rationale: Almost nobody has been able to grow Luxfords to the normal size of a #1 and we need more #2 varieties. years.

ECA Cultivars:
Few of us were as thorough as Don, but please make a list of the cultivars you have and bring it to the January meeting so we can update our Club cultivar list.

NOTICE: If you are growing mums that ARE not listed, in our CULTIVARS of ECA PINCH LIST, please let Ronnie, Mark, or Steve B know what plants they are, if you wish to show them at the National Show in 2017.