Seattle, Washington

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Furney’s Nursery: Partners with ECA in Chrysanthemum Propagation and Exhibition


MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY JULY 9, 2015 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.
The Yearbook will be E-Mailed to save expense. A big thank you to Mark Ross for doing this big project!

2015 CLUB PICNIC/GARDEN TOUR – Summer Picnic & Garden Tour – Sunday August 29th, 2015. Tour starts 9:30am @ UW Arboretum Japanese Garden. Come and enjoy a 1 hour docent led tour of the outstanding garden before enjoying a picnic lunch entrée of chicken, burgers, and brats after a Mum tour at the Budzeak home. Detailed info and a potluck sign up sheet will be available at the July meeting or if necessary can be sent directly to individual members. Contact Steve Backstrom for more info.

Mark your calendars for the following events:
Garden Tour/Potluck – August 29
Puyallup Fair – September 11-27
Fall Show at Furney’s – October 30- Nov 1 (with set up on Oct. 28, 1 pm. Bloom
Prep. Oct. 29)
Awards Banquet at Angelos– November 12

-We will be making our last run for M&R soilless mix this month. Our next delivery will probably be in Jan. 2016, so be sure to order what you will need to carry you through this year. (You’ll need some for top dressing).

The following supplies will be available at the July meeting to support your final potting on.
Pre-Orders from Speciality Soils
– M&R Mix $6.25 per 1 cu ft. bag -Call Gary Budzeak by Tues, July 8th with your order.
– Pumice (coarse) $4.00 per 1 cu ft. -Call Gary Bud. by Tues with your order
– Farmyard Manure $ 2.25 per 1 cu ft. -Call Gary Bud. by Tues with your order
– Ronnie Elliot has 4 to 6 foot bamboo stakes available for 10 cents each – call Gary B to order.

Other Club supplies available
– Mid Season Fertilizer, 20-9-20+ Use this two weeks after final potting to 9″ or 8″.
– Early Season fertilizer, 12-45-10
Marathon 1% Systemic Insecticide (For control of black aphids)
-Twistems of various lengths
-Name tags-