Greetings for June 2015

MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY June 11th, 2015 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site; 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila. June is a particularly busy month in growing mums so hope you can attend the meeting and bring your questions!

The yearbook distribution will take place at this meeting. A big thank you to Mark Ross for doing this big project!

The following supplies will be available at the July meeting to support your final potting on. Call Gary Budzeak by Tues, June 9 with your orders
Pre-Orders from Speciality Soils
– M&R Mix $6.25 per 1 cu ft. bag
– Pumice (coarse) $4.00 per 1 cu ft.
– Farmyard Manure $ 2.25 per 1 cu ft.
– Ronnie Elliot may still have 4 to 6 foot bamboo stakes available for 10 cents each – call Gary B to order.

Other Club supplies available
– Mid Season Fertilizer, 20-9-20+ You’ll need this once you have potted on to the final pot-9″ or 8″
– Early Season fertilizer, 12-45-10
– Marathon 1% Systemic Insecticide (For control of black aphids)
-Twistems of various lengths
-Name tags


Mark your calendars for the following events:

Garden Tour/Potluck – August 29 Location to be determined – picnic @ Budzeaks
Puyallup Fair – September 5-21
Fall Show at Furney’s – October 30- Nov 1 (with set up on Oct. 28, 1 pm. Bloom
Prep. Oct. 29)
Awards Banquet at Angelos– November 12


Quick growing notes:
You’ll need some or most of the above when you move on to the final 9″ pots. The M&R Mix and pumice are part
of the standard 9″ mix along with some Cedar Grove or other brand of compost. Note the Cedar Grove compost is
available at McClendon’s Hardware and many garden stores. It contains noManure. Some other brands of compost do contain significant amounts of manure.

A small quantity of moist manure is recommended to provide microbe action in the otherwise dry mixes. If you have
manure already in your chosen compost, you may choose not to add more. I Generally throw in a med. shovel of
manure with every bag of Cedar Grove.

The Marathon is required to eradicate Black Aphids. Please don’t bypass this step as Black Aphids are a scourge
on the Chrysanthemum and can’t be eliminated by any other method.( not even lady bugs, liquid sprays or insecticidal soaps soaps.)