Seattle, Washington
Email us at: steve at ecamumclub dot org

MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY September 11, 2014 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

SEPTEMBER MEETING – This is a very important meeting as we begin to prepare for our annual show at Furney’s which will take place on Oct 31, Nov 1 & 2 with set up on Oct 29th.
Mark your calendars for the following events:
Fall Show at Furney’s – Oct 31, Nov 1&2 (with set up on Oct. 29, 1 pm. Bloom Prep. Oct. 30)
Awards Banquet at Angelos– November 13.
Reception & Presentation by Ivor Mace – November 29th.
PUYALLUP FAIR: – If you plan to exhibit flowers at the fair this year, you will need to pre-register online at the Puyallup Fair website www.thefair.com before Sept 4th. Go to entries and then floral. An entry schedule may be printed from there if you have computer access.

PLANT CULTURE and SUPPLIES: – The September meeting will devote time to the care and feeding of the blooms as they develop. Place orders for specific items with Gary Budzeak. With possible rain or showers consider your sheltering options for September as we move to the latter part of the growing season.

POWDERY MILL DEW STUDY – ECA was contacted by a UW Grad Student doing some research regarding an organic method of abating this problem. He needed to make about 200 cuttings. Ronnie did not have enough of any one cultivar(more about Ronnie later…) but Steve Backstrom had 11 plants of Margaret Howells and is letting the lad use 10 of them. They are vigorous plants in 6 inch clay from April 19th cuttings.
We will have more information about this study in the upcoming months.

GARDEN TOUR & PICNIC – We had 20 members attend the tour and a few more joined the picnic @ Gary’s. The Soos Creek Botanical Garden was splendid. There were many seldom seen plants including a lot of Rhododendrons. We then visited Ronnie Elliots and saw his hundreds of mums all looking pretty good, though he did have a couple of Christmas Tree mums…. The fare at Gary’s was excellent – brats, chicken and burgers and a usually fine assortment of salads and deserts.