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September 2017 Newsletter

Seattle, Washington

Email us at: steve at ecamumclub dot org

MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY September 14, 2017 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

SEPTEMBER MEETING – This is a very important meeting as we begin to prepare for our annual show at Volunteer Park Conservatory which will take place on November 3, 4, & 5, More details at the meeting. This will be our first show at VPC.

Mark your calendars for the following events:
National Chrysanthemum Society Show in Portland, OR October 26-29
For more details, see:
Awards Banquet at Angelo’s in Burien November 16th, 2017.

PLANT CULTURE and SUPPLIES: – The September meeting will devote time to the care and feeding of the blooms as they develop. Place supply orders for specific items with Ronnie or John Harden by Monday September 11th. With possible rain or showers consider your sheltering options for September as we move to the latter part of the growing season.

Draft Minutes from August 10th ECA Meeting:
ECA August 2017 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Steve Joyner, Vice president

Attending: Ronnie Elliot, Mark Ross, Bob Ewing, Kris Stephens, June Kubo, Erika Harris, Anne Schreibe, Richard Thompson, Steve Joyner, Susan Joyner

Cultural presentation

Ron Elliot presented information on lateral control, disbudding and general plant care

Removing laterals – Chrysanthemums inherently want to be a bush. To prevent the bush effect and make the final bloom(s) stronger laterals must be removed. Laterals grow above the leaf nodes and must be snapped off to the side.
Taking the bud – A bud will form on the growing tip of the main stock of the plant. As soon as the bud is the size of a pea
Refer to the June and July cultural notes for more details

Business meeting:

July meeting minutes: read and approved

Treasurers report: Sydney Ogylvie was unable to attend this meeting
Last month she reported a balance of $7095.94 in all ECA accounts – approved

Nominating Committee update: Continues to work on filling the 2018 slate of officers

Volunteer park Conservatory update:
Aug 28th meeting scheduled at 10 am with David Helgeson to further discuss the details of show staging and set up. Those planning to attend the meeting Steve Joyner, Bob Ewing, David Rynes and Rich and Jill Aldrich.

Show preparation:
Sue Joyner has updated the ECA name tags and will have them ready for the show

Sue Joyner volunteered to order white and green show entry tags and pads of show entry forms

Steve Joyner volunteered to create and present a power point presentation for the Friday evening volunteer park conservatory “meet and greet”

Bob Ewing volunteered to chair the membership committee and take on the responsibility for getting the membership application cards updated for the show

At the September meeting we will be reviewing the process for entering flowers in to the show. Please bring a list of what you are growing. There will be show entry tags, entry forms and cultivar identification packets for use at the meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 9 pm

Respectfully submitted by Susan Joyner, ECA secretary

An “ECA Show Prep” meeting was held with David Helgeson at Volunteer Park Conservatory on Monday August 28th. ECA attendees were John Harden, Steve Joyner, Bill Fitzgerald(aka Car Pool Dummy), David Rynes, Jill & Richard Aldrich, Bob Ewing and a friend of Bob’s. Helgeson’s notes are below:
>> 1.
>> Plants and materials for the show can be
>> dropped off into the back greenhouse beginning Monday
>> October 30th between 8am and 3:30pm. And can
>> continue up until 12pm Thursday November
>> 2nd.
>> 2.
>> Set up for the show will begin Thursday
>> November 2nd from 10am until 4pm the east wing
>> (seasonal house) will be closed to the general public that
>> day for set up.
>> 3.
>> Judging will commence Friday morning November
>> 3rd from 8am until 12pm when the show will open
>> to the public. The conservatory will close at 4pm to
>> the general public and the FOC will set up for an open house
>> from 5pm to 8pm.
>> presentation by ECA.
>> 4.
>> Show open to the general public Saturday
>> November 4th and Sunday the 5th from
>> 10am to 4pm
>> 5.
>> Take down begins Sunday afternoon November
>> 5th from 4pm until 6pm (our goal will be to
>> remove everything from the main building that evening and
>> consolidate the remainder in the back greenhouse for
>> completion the morning of
>> Monday the 6th)
>> 6.
>> Final wrap up Monday November 6th
>> all members plants and show materials need to be cleaned up
>> by 3:30 pm that afternoon as David will have a very tight
>> schedule that week setting up for the Holiday Display!
>> I think that covers the
>> general flow of things. Let me know if I’ve forgotten
>> anything. I assume that you will assign volunteers to help
>> with the various aspects of set up. I intend to make myself
>> available to help were needed throughout
>> but may need to attend to my Conservatory duties as needed
>> too. There is plenty of free parking in the park for members
>> helping with the show. Please ask members not to park or
>> block the service road behind the Conservatory, Thanks.
>> Please feel free to contact
>> me with any questions, thoughts or ideas between now and
>> then. It would be helpful for me if one or two main folks
>> could be designated for communication purposes to keep
>> confusion to a minimum.

August 2017 Meeting Notice & Newsletter

At the Board Meeting July 8th it was decided there would be no Garden Tour and Picnic this year as last years was poorly attended AND more importantly we have many details to resolve with our 2017 SHOW Location changing from Furney’s to Volunteer Park Conservatory. In Lieu of the picnic there WILL be an August meeting on Thursday August 10th in the small classroom at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

Here are the DRAFT minutes from the July meeting of the ECA by Sue Joyner:

Minutes, ECA Meeting, July 13, 2017

The chrysanthemum club meeting brought to order at 7:05 PM. It was held in the portable next to the Hall.. Present were Mark Ross, Madeline West from Kitsap Club, Bob Ewing, Richard Thompson, Ronnie Elliot, John Harden, June Kubo, Steve Backstrom, Sydney Ogilvie, Mas Tamekuni, Heidi Garman, Erica Harris, Kris Stephens, Steve Joyner, Susan Joyner, Rich Aldrich and Jill Aldrich.
Cultural presentation:
Removing laterals – Chrysanthemums inherently want to be a bush. To prevent the bush effect and make the final bloom(s) stronger laterals must be removed. Laterals grow above the leaf nodes and must be snapped off to the side.
Taking the bud – A bud will form on the growing tip of the main stock of the plant. As soon as the bud is the size of a pea
Refer to the June and July cultural notes for more details
CAREFULLY remove all laterals around the base of the bud.
Business meeting:
Previous meeting minutes were approved
Board of director meeting minutes were read and approved
Treasurer’s report: Sydney Ogylvie reported a balance of $7095.94 in all ECA accounts – approved
Committee sign up: Committee sign-up sheets with committee descriptons were passed around the room for volunteer sign up
Meeting location: Erika Harris reported that she had attended the SPAA board meeting and secured a meeting location for ECA for free for perpetuity. We will continue to meet in the SPAA class room space the second Thurs night of the month.
Yearbook: Mark Ross to have a rough draft of the year book completed within the next few days
2018 slate of officers: A nomination committee was formed consisting of Kris Stephens, Sue Joyner, Ron Elliot and Mark Ross. The nominating committee will have a slate of officers for the 2018 year.
2017 Show and banquet dates and locations: Show dates – Nov 2nd – 5th at volunteer park conservatory. Banquet to be held on Nov 16th at Angelo’s in Burien
Other calendar dates: The annual tour has been cancelled for this summer. We will have a regular meeting in August. Club plant sale dates are March 8th and April 9th at our regular meeting time. Public plant sale dates are to be determined based upon conservatory availability
Volunteer park liason – Kris Stephens, Erika Harris, Bob Ewing to meet with Dave Helgeson, Volunteer park to discuss show set up. What do other shows look like? What kind of presentations? What does their set up look like?
Show needs:
• Box of Name tags
• Tags
• Cross reference sheets
• Show Publication changes – membership forms, show program, advertising, plant sale notices
• Tie wraps
• ECA presentation
Meeting was adjourned about 9:10pm.

Please refer to July & August (combined) cultural notes for the August to do list.

July 2017 Newsletter

Seattle, Washington

Email us at: steve at ecamumclub dot org


The ECA website received the following note from Connie (Mayhew) Kropp:
Hi I’m the person that the chrysanthemum was named after. I was 2 at the time when I was taken to the royal Easter show, my nan showed me a picture that was in the magazine she had but it got lost after her death I never thought I’d get to see it so if you could tell me where I may find this flower I’d be chuffed, the picture was in black and white often wondered if it was yellow thanks you made my day Sincerely Connie Mayhew Kropp.

I gather by her E-Mail address that she is in Australia. More on this story as it becomes known.

MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY JULY 13, 2017 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

Furney’s has closed and our show material and supplies were picked up and moved by two work parties with some members present for one or both consisted of Richard Thompson, Steve Backstrom, Bob Ewing & son-in-law, Ronnie Elliot, Kris Stephens, Erika Harris, Mark Ross, David Rynes, Alva and Dennis Nishimura. David Helgeson directed storage at the Conservatory in Seattle’s Volunteer Park.

There was a Board Meeting Saturday July 8th at Wesley Gardens, Details to follow at meeting Thursday

2017 CLUB PICNIC/GARDEN TOUR – Summer Picnic & Garden Tour – Detailed info and a potluck sign up sheet will be available at the July meeting.

Garden Tour/Potluck – TBD
Puyallup Fair – September 1-24
Click here for more info: Puyallup Fair Floral It looks like 3 classes – 1749, 50 & 51 for mums on page 9.
74th Annual National Convention and Show
Saturday, October 28, 2017 (1 pm – 6 pm) and Sunday, October 29 (10 am – 4 pm)
at the Monarch Hotel and Conference Center, 12566 SE 93rd Ave, Clackamas, OR

ECA Fall Show at Volunteer Park Conservatory – November 4th & 5th (with set up on Nov 1,
Bloom Prep. Nov 2 & Judging Friday November 3.
Awards Banquet at Angelos– November 16

-We will be making our last run for M&R soilless mix this month. Our next delivery will probably be in Jan. 2018, so be sure to order what you will need to carry you through this year. (You’ll need some for top dressing).

The following supplies will be available at the July meeting to support your final potting on.
Pre-Orders from Speciality Soils
– M&R Mix $6.25 per 1 cu ft. bag -Call Ronnie or John by Tues, July 11th with your order.
– Pumice (coarse) $4.00 per 1 cu ft. -Call Ronnie or John by Tues with your order
– Farmyard Manure $ 2.25 per 1 cu ft. -Call Ronnie or John by Tues with your order

Other Club supplies available
– Mid Season Fertilizer, 20-9-20+ Use this two weeks after final potting to 9″ or 8″.
– Early Season fertilizer, 12-45-10
Marathon 1% Systemic Insecticide (For control of black aphids)
-Twistems of various lengths
-Name tags-

June 2017 Newsletter and Meeting Notice

MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY June 8th, 2017 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site; 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila. June is a particularly busy month in growing mums so hope you can attend the meeting and bring your questions!

Please be prepared to discuss our annual picnic and garden tour which was very poorly attended last year.

The following supplies will be available at the July meeting to support your final potting on. Call Ronnie right away if you need soils
Pre-Orders from Speciality Soils
– M&R Mix 1 cu ft. bag
– Pumice (coarse) 1 cu ft.
– Farmyard Manure 1 cu ft.

Other Club supplies available
– Mid Season Fertilizer, 20-9-20+ You’ll need this once you have potted on to the final pot-9″ or 8″
– Early Season fertilizer, 12-45-10
– Marathon 1% Systemic Insecticide (For control of black aphids)
-Twistems of various lengths
-Plant tags

DRAFT Minutes from May 11th Meeting
Attendees – Ron, Richard, Toshi, Bob, June, Kris, Heidi, Steve, Dave, Mark, Rich and Jill A, Sue, Erika, Alva and Dennis N

Cultural –
Fertilizer recommendations:
While in 6” pots use 15-45-10 to produce roots
After potting up to the large pots use 16-16-16 all-purpose fertilizer

Potting recommendations:
#3 in 8”pots
Connie Mayhews in 10” pots
Everything else in 9” pots

Leave room for top dressing

Marathon and B9 available next meeting –Sue to ask Jane Stark where Don purchased Marathon

Business Meeting:
Treasurer’s report
Total Savings and checking – did not receive

Plant Sale report:
Didn’t seem as well attended as in previous years
Missing signage
Mark predicted 50% of normal
Sydney reported $1473 in profits

Meeting location Update:
Sue Contacted SPAA on May 9th to ensure that the building would be unlocked for the May 9th meeting. SPAA John Wallys response – ECA is not on their calendar and no one knows about our meeting dates and times. We were able to meet in May. John plans to talk to the SPAA board about our meeting time and place. John was given Erika Harris’s name as both an ECA member and an SPAA member. John will get back to Sue re further use of SPAA as a meeting location

ECA 2017 Show location:
With Furney’s closure a show location search committee was formed at the April meeting. The committee brought several recommendations, after much discussion June Kubo made a motion to hold the 2017 show at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. Bob Ewing seconded the motion. The motion was approved by those in attendance. Show dates are Nov 3rd-5th with setup on Nov 1st and 2nd.
Kris Stephens volunteered to write a thank you note to Furney’s.

Supply storage:
With the Furney’s closure we need to locate a new storage location for the show supplies. The Volunteer Park Conservatory offered to provide storage for our supplies. A decision was made to reduce our storage footprint by getting rid of 12 wooden tables and possibly the yards burlap used to cover tables.

Rich, Mark, Ron, Bob, Richard, Steve, Alva and Dennis volunteered to meet at Furney’s on Sat May 13th at 11 am to move ECA show supplies – 2 pallets.

Marathon – Sue to find out where Don Stark purchased Marathon and the pill bottles.

Board meeting and Member directory
Mark Ross reported that we needed to have a board meeting to set a calendar and get the member directory and show book moving forward.

Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm
Respectfully submitted by Susan Joyner,ECA secretary

President John Harden has requested a volunteer to help with the supplies ordering.

Ronnie, Richard, Steve, Kris and Dennis & Alva Nishimura all showed up Saturday May 13th at Furneys to load our show supplies up. Then on Thursday May 18th, Richard, Bob Ewing and his son in law, Kris and Steve met David Helgeson at Volunteer Park to store our show supplies.

Friends of the Conservatory, a support organization, are quite eager to have the ECA do their show and plant sale at the Conservatory. We will not have as much room as we did at Furney’s but the traffic generated may help us increase our membership.


Seattle, Washington
Email us at: steve at ecamumclub dot org


MEETING OF THE ECA – THURSDAY MAY 11th, 2017 at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site; 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

Dues for 2017
Please pay up, if this has not been done yet, or you cannot enter your blooms in our show in November.


Ronnie Elliot & John Harden are handling the club supply orders. Please contact them NOW for soilless and supply needs at the May meeting.

Please bring any left over plants to the May Meeting as some members may still want some cultivars.

Furney’s is closing and is having a big sale. This is a big deal for our club as they have been very supportive. If you have any suggestions for a NEW Show and or Plant Sale Venue, please contact on of the committee members noted in the minutes below.

DRAFT Minutes from April 20th Meeting & Member Plant Sale:
Draft April 2017 ECA meeting minutes
Attendees – Ron E, Mas T, Richard T, Satoshi, June K, Masako K, Michael K,Carol W , John H, Kris S, Anne S, Sydney O, Steve B, Dave R, Mark R, Rich and Jill A, Sue J, Erika H, Alva and Dennis N
Cultural –
Connie Mayhew club 2017 specimen plant
Don’t forget to pay attention to your stop dates. ECA mum stop dates on website under cultivars
Use early fertilizer now – I Tsp / gal of water
B9 available next meeting

Over 65 flats of mum starts available
A large part of the meeting was devoted to member plant sale

New members:
Alva and Dennis Nishinura – Ron Elliott is coach
Heidi Garman – Anacortes – Steve Joyner is Coach

Business Meeting:
Treasurer’s report
Total Savings and checking – $5860.55
Cash – $204.72
Furney’s Nurseys is possibly closing in June
Erika, Michael, Kris, Sue committee to look for show venue
Consider equipment Storage – 4 shrink wrapped flats
Approx. 3000 square feet
Greater Puget Sound region

Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm
Respectfully submitted by Susan Joyner, ECA secretary

April 2017 Newsletter, Meeting Notice and Plant Sale Announcement

Seattle, Washington

Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association

Furney’s Nursery >>——-> Partners with ECA in Chrysanthemum in Propagation and Exhibition

If you have NOT paid your dues, please do!! Our Treasurer is Sydney Ogilve – please contact her if you cannot make the meeting on 4-20-2017.

Please note that our April Meeting is One Week later than usual on Thursday, April
20th at Seattle Police Athletic Association. For directions, please click on the ABOUT ECA tab above. This meeting is important as we prepare final details for our Annual Plant sale on Saturday, April 22nd. Please bring plants to the April 20th meeting for sale to members. Please note that NOVICES have first preference for plants – Novices please have your coaches help you select plants. Members are reminded to bring in their extra plants for our member plant sale and the public sale. Only healthy looking plants are accepted for the “Sales Events”. For those bringing in plants, please also bring in newspaper or a cloth to cover the table if your plants are in an open bottom carrier. This will help the clean up crew when tidying at the end of the meeting.

A huge THANK YOU to our tireless & more prolific growers who have been providing so many plants for so many years to benefit our club. This is how we fund our activites.


(At Furney’s Nursery in Des Moines – 21215 Pacific Hwy South).

Remember to bring your plants in to Furney’s and help with set up on Friday, April 21st starting at 1 P.M. The Saturday, April 22nd public plant sale will be held from 9 A.M. to-1 P.M.

Club Library/Publications Notices Notes

Mark Ross is now our Club Librarian. We have a limited collection of excellent reference books and the goal is for Members to take books out for one month only. Thereby we can give as many growers as possible a chance to read and learn from the experiences and knowledge of other growers.


Please contact Gary Ronnie Elliot by Tuesday April 18th for club supply orders including soilless for delivery at the April meeting.

Bud Cloven, an early ECA member is ALIVE. He had been wintering in Arizona and summering in Leavenworth, WA with his wife Carol. I apologize for the previous incorrect statement.

Draft March Meeting Minutes by Sue Joyner:
ECA March Draft Meeting minutes 3/9/17
Attendees: Erika, Mas, Bob E, Ron E, Mark, Jill, Rich, Anne, Satsoshi, June, Sydney, Richard and Yvonne Thompson, Steve and Sue
Meeting brought to order at 7:00 pm by VP Steve Joyner. February 2017 meeting minutes were read by Susan Joyner
Bob E moved to accept the February meeting minutes. The motion was seconded by Mas and approved by those present

Treasurer’s report – $6094.98 in total (checking, savings, cash)
1) Our SPAA contact, Buzzy Katzer is retiring the end of March.
Steve McNew will be replacing him and Duane Hendrix will be moving to the house on the property. Duane will be the person who will unlock the building after March 31, 2017
Prior to the March ECCA meeting Steve and Sue had a brief conversation with Buzzy regarding the change of guard. Buzzy reported that the SPA board of directors was contemplating charging the ECA a fee for using the building. He also mentioned that historically the ECA had held weeding work parties to clean up the grounds around the SPAA building we meet in. Buzzy’s recommendation to the board was that they do not charge us to meet in the building. He also suggested to Steve and Sue that it might be appropriate for ECA to have a conversation with the Duane about weeding or grounds clean up in return for the use of the building for meeting space. This conversation brought up the question of who sponsored us here at the start. Bob Ewing reported that it was Curt Jacobson that landed this meeting location for the ECA. We also learned that if we need SPAA sponsorship Erika Harris is a member of SPAA.
2) Email Steve Joyner at with list of varietals that you are growing. The club needs to know what varietals we have and we also need to send this list to the national Chrysanthemum society to facilitate the process of entering any of our varietals in their fall show – Oct 27 – 29, 2017
3) Reminder – our fall show dates have changed to accommodate the national show dates – 2017 ECA fall show dates are Nov 2 – 6, 2017
4) ECA Meeting date change: The April ECA meeting will be held at SPAA (where we usually meet) on Thursday April 20th at 7:00 pm
5) Furney’s nursery public plant sale – Saturday April 22, 2017 – EARTH DAY!
a) Thursday evening, April 20th after ECA meeting – load up plant sale cuttings
b) Friday afternoon, April 21st, 1 pm set up for plant sale at Furney’s nursery
c) Rich and Jill will bring easels, signs and sand. Ron will bring the plants
d) Public plant sale starts Saturday at 9 am
Plant starts are $3.00 for public; $2.00 members
e) Rich and Jill will bring the laminated ECA fall show date sign and postcards with fall show dates
New Business:
1) Steve Backstrom was contacted by Heidi Garman from Anacortes about joining the mum club. Sue and Steve Joyner have been in contact with her. She plans to attend the April meeting and join the club. She was excited to learn that there were other growers “up north”.
2) Bob Ewing has lost Merlino wants to know if anyone has this varietal
3) David Helgerson at Volunteer Park would appreciate any mum donations
Bob will bring a flat for us to fill at next meeting.
He will check with Dave to find out what kind of flowers he is interested in
4) Contact Mark Ross for earth pots
5) Contact Ron Elliot for soil needs, fertilizer, starting pots and tags
6) Ron Elliot brought up discussion regarding reimbursement for growing starts –
Group feeling was that this is a hobby
7) Jane Stark has 60 – 6” pots 10 – 8” 40 -9” pots she would like to donate to club members
8) Reminder – Purple tags are used for #1’s from England
9) Question about general liability insurance came up. ECA members wanted to know if this bill had been paid? Mark Ross reported that he thought Sydney had taken care of this.
10) Welcome new member: Richard Thompson (Yvonne)
14247 143rd Ave SE Renton 98059
(425) 277-7788 or cell (425) 761-1474
Plant Sale:
The meeting was recessed while we conducted the member’s only plant sale.
Five members brought plants and we had about 10 flats to choose from. Essentially all the plants were healthy and growing strong. There was a good selection of varieties. There will be another opportunity to purchase cuttings at the April ECA meeting on April 20th.
Cultural discussion:
Ron asked the group who is taking cuttings this year – Mas, Bob, Steve, Mark, Ron, June, Erika, Sydney
Be sure to closely follow the recommended pinch dates in our club literature.
Ron stated that he pinches his Connie’s two weeks ahead of time
Mark provided an explanation about cutting dates and how these are estimates

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 pm
Respectfully submitted, Susan Stark Joyner, Secretary

March 2017 NEWSLETTER & Meeting Notice

March 2017 Newsletter
Seattle, Washington

Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association

Email us at: steve at ecamumclub dot org
Furney’s Nursery >>——-> Partners with ECA in Chrysanthemum in Propagation and Exhibition
MEETING OF THE ECA –THURSDAY, March 9th, 2017, at 7 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila. REALLY! Leadership is in transition at the SPAA – our apologies for the building NOT being open last month. Steps are in place to assure we can meet at SPAA this Thursday.

DUES – Members are encouraged to pay 2017 dues to Treasurer, Sydney Ogilvie. Annual dues are $15/member or $20/couple. Dues must be paid before or at the March meeting for members to be listed in the clubs 2017 yearbook

DRAFT Minutes from February 9th Meeting
Draft Minutes, ECA Meeting, Feb 9, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm Vice President Steve Joyner presiding—13 members present.
Meeting location was changed to Foster Library because the Seattle Police building was locked
January 2017 meeting minutes were read by Secretary Susan Joyner. A motion to accept these meeting minutes was made by Kris Stevens and seconded by Bob Ewing. Those present approved the January meeting minutes
Treasurer’s report – Sidney Ogilvie was not present so no treasurer’s report was given. The January treasurers report – $6,276.68 total of all accounts – cash, checking and savings.

1. Ron Elliot reported that the 2017 National Chrysanthemum show dates conflict with our fall show dates. A conversation ensued. Rich Aldrich reported that he had conversed with Furney’s about the date change and they could accommodate our date change request. Ron Elliot moved that we change the ECA fall show dates from October 27th – 29th to November 3rd – 5th. June Kubo seconded the motion. The motion was passed by the members present.
2. With the fall show date change the banquet date will be pushed out a week to Nov16th. More details to follow
3. Rich Aldrich and Ron Elliot reported that the April Plant sale will be held at Furney’s Nursery on Saturday April 22nd. The plant sale date was pushed out because Easter is the second weekend in April. Our April meeting date will be changed to April 20th to facilitate getting plant starts to the sale. Rich and Jill Aldrich will have the April plant sale flyers at the March 9th
4. Fall mum show flyers will be completed for distribution at the April plant sale
5. There was a brief conversation about entering our early blooming mums in the Puyallup fair this Sept.
6. Bob Ewing reported that David Helgeson, head horticulturist as Volunteer park would appreciate any extra mum cuttings that the club members might like to donate to him
7. Chris Stevens, face book administrator reported that she has been posting information on the ECA Facebook (FB) page. Kris encouraged all ECA members who use FB to share our FB page. Additionally, if you would like to post anything club related on the ECA FB page contact Kris and she will set you up with the appropriate permissions. Lastly, if you use FB please share any ECA posts with your FB friends.
8. Discussion about improving the ECA web page presence was postponed. Those present at the meeting had no updated information to report.
9. Supplies available at the February meeting:
Plant labels, white and yellow 100 per pack – $1.00/100 tags
2 1/2″ plastic planting/starting cubes – 5 cents/cube
1/4″ x4″ Twist Ems
12-45-10 fertilizer – $2.00/bag

New Business:

1. Need Buzzy’s contact number and a plan to remind him of our meeting date and time
Buzzy’s mobile number is 206-999-8029 and his e-mail address is
2. Steve Joyner asked all ECA club members to email him a list if their cutting starts at Steve will compile a list of all ECA 2017 cutting starts.
3. June Kubo raised a question about reimbursement for meeting refreshments. Ron Elliot reported that his wife Sue was being reimbursed for the meeting refreshments.

Meeting ended at 8:45 pm
Respectively, Susan Stark Joyner, Secretary 2/9/2017

March meeting: Thurs March 9th 7:00 pm at SPAA – Club plant sale
April meeting: Thurs April 20th 7:00 pm at SPAA – Club plant sale
(note date change-3rd Thurs of month)
April Plant Sale – Sat Apr 22nd at Furney’s Nursery 9am – 1pm
May meeting: Thurs May 11th 7:00 pm at SPAA
June meeting: Thurs June 8th 7:00 pm at SPAA
July meeting: Thurs July 13th 7:00 pm at SPAA
Aug meeting: Garden Tour – To be determined
Sept meeting: Thurs Sept 14th 7:00 pm at SPAA
Oct meeting: Thurs Oct 12th 7:00 pm at SPAA
National Chrysanthemum Show Oct 27th-29th in Portland, Or
Nov 3rd-5th ECA Fall Chrysanthemum show at Furney’s Nursery
Nov meeting: Nov 16th ECA awards banquet
Dec meeting: Thurs Dec 14th 7:00 pm at SPAA

PLANT CULTURE – Continue to start plants for our public sale in April. Plants must be given protection for the first few months and carefully nurtured to establish strong root systems before potting or repotting. In February, take starts for the early blooming varieties. At this month’s meeting, the focus is growing plants.

PLANT SALES – The member plant sale will be at the March meeting, March 9th. We will have a second member plant sale at our April 20th meeting. (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE to Third Thursday for this meeting only)

Our public plant sale will be April 22nd (Saturday) from 9 AM to 1 PM:00 at Furney’s Nursery in Des Moines (21215 Pacific Hwy South). At least 8 people are needed for Set-Up on Friday April 21st and will discuss staffing the sales at our March 9th and April 20th meetings.

PLANT CULTURE and SUPPLIES – Members are reminded to bring in their extra plants for our member plant sale and the public sale. Only healthy looking plants are accepted for the “Sales Events”. For those bringing in plants, please also bring in newspaper or a cloth to cover the table if your plants are in an open bottom carrier. This will help the clean up crew when tidying at the end of the meeting.

Please contact Ronnie for soilless and supply needs at the March meeting as soon as possible.

You older hands, if you have grown the same cultivar from your own stock with poor results, throw your stock away and buy a plant or two of that cultivar at the plant sale. Select carefully, you want a healthy cutting, and if the grower didn’t think enough of it to put his initials on the tag, go get a different one. Keep looking for the best stock available.

New Members are encouraged to contact Richard Aldrich to be assigned a coach who will provide personalized growing instruction and advice. It is highly recommended that new members take advantage of this membership service. Don’t be shy give Richard a call!!!

ECA WEB SITE History & Background information went live in April of 2007 and we began trying to do monthly posts in December of 2008. The website is hosted by Rob Dunn of Mascot Theory for the exorbitant sum of $10 per month. Our Domain Name is paid up for another 2 years. Rob has helped us with the website design over the years at no charge. We currently use Word Press and the current theme is Arclite, which admittedly is rather plain, but please feel free to browse Word Press website and look at their other themes and website examples as their software is very user friendly for NON-IT Professionals and Volunteers web masters. In December of 2010, we installed a hit counter to measure how many views our site gets. As of this writing we have had 1,729,426 views!! In May of 2013 we did a minor redesign of the site at the request of Don Stark to aid navigation of the site. This includes the category tabs at the top of the page and separate categories for the Newsletter and the Cultural Discussion and TO Do List – creating two posts per month. We do get a lot of SPAM which are filtered into a spam file which is dumped at least every month and we do receive inquiries about our plant sale and requests for Garden Club presentations.

February 2017 Newsletter

Seattle, Washington

Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association

Big thanks to Furney’s Nursery for hosting our spring plant sale and fall show:
Partners with ECA in Chrysanthemum
Propagation and Exhibition



MEETING OF THE ECA – is scheduled for THURSDAY FEBRUARY 9th, 2017 at
7:00 PM at the Seattle Police Athletic Association Office (SPAA) site at 11030 East Marginal Way South, Tukwila.

Dues: Please plan on paying your dues at the February meeting if you have not already done so.

Our Public Plant Sale will be held at Furney’s Nursery in Des Moines, WA on Saturday April 22nd from 9 AM to 1 PM. Mums are $3.00 each.

Member plant sales will be held at our March 9th and April 13th Meetings – plants are $2.00 for members and $3.00 for non-members. Membership is $15 or $20.00 for a couple, payable to the treasurer.

Draft minutes from January Meeting – thanks to Sue Joyner:

Minutes- ECA Meeting-January 12, 2017​​Page 1/2
Meeting called to Order 7:40 pm by President, John Harden
-14 members present.
-Cultural: Ron Elliott discussed the process of getting our stools ready to take cuttings.

1) Prepare your cutting bed
​Cleanup cutting beds, check temperature sensors and overhead lights

2) Get stools growing and producing shoots
Bring stools into a heated area, water and fertilize with a high nitrogen fertilizer

3) Gather Supplies
a) Potting medium
Earth Pot trays -72 pellets per tray, M&R mix or your own custom potting mix
If you choose to start your cuttings in the earth pot pellets be sure to thoroughly soak the pellets. A drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap in the water is an effective wetting agent. It breaks the surface tension and allows the water to be absorbed into the peat moss
b) Fungicides (Immunox by Spectracide or equivalent)
c) Cultivar identification tags
d) B-9 – club will have this available at the next meeting

4) Take Cuttings
a) Start taking cuttings mid Jan to mid Feb.–for most #1s, #2s, #3s and Spiders. Also start cuttings for any specimen plants you plan to grow.
b) Cover cuttings for a few days with a plastic dome cover to maintain moisture. After 3 days remove or raise the cover an inch or so to facilitate air circulation.
c) Sprinkle beds and plants every day or so to keep cutting bed lightly moist.

-Secretary’s report:
1. There was no formal meeting at the August picnic so no minutes, about 15 attended.
2. Sept – Oct – tracking down meeting minutes
3. There was no formal meeting in November at the awards banquet so no minutes but there were about 25 of us that gathered at Angelos Restaurant in Burien for the awards banquet
4. December meeting as cancelled due to inclement weather

-Treasurer’s report. $6276.68 sum total of cash savings and checking

1. Kris Stephens reported she has accepted the position of Facebook administer and looks forward to receiving inputs from the club members.

2. Erica Harris was given the trophy for best potted plant, novice. The trophy wasn’t ready for presentation at the November awards banquet

3. Because there was no December meeting, the following 2017 slate of officer nominations were presented and approved by the attending members
President: John Harden; Vice President: Steven Joyner; Secretary: Susan Joyner; Treasurer: Sidney Ogilvie; Cultural: Ronnie Elliot

4. National Show dates are set for Oct 27 – 29, 2017 in Portland, OR. These dates conflict with our show dates so there was discussion about moving our show to the first weekend in November. A final decision has not been made

5. John Harden proposed that we allot $800 toward improving our web page presence. A discussion ensued.
John’s proposal was amended to include a request for proposal process. There was also some discussion about using Facebook as our social media presence instead of a web page. Elaine Young moved to accept John’s proposal with the amendments and Mark Ross seconded it.

Meeting ended at 9:30 pm
Respectively submitted, Susan Stark Joyner, secretary 1/12/2017

January 2017 Newletter

Hi All
Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Celebration! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday January 12th and in the New Year!
Our next meeting is Thursday the 12th of January @ Seattle Police Athletic Association Big Hall @ 7 PM. See our website under “about” for a map & directions.

Please place your orders for Earthpot starter trays with Mark Ross as soon as possible. The price is still $5.25/tray
Please call Ronnie Elliot by Tuesday, January 10th to order M&R mix for both January and February meetings. We will have plant tags and twistems at the meeting.

Dues: Please pay your dues for 2017 at the January Meeting

Elections: Since our December Meeting was canceled elections will be done at the January Meeting. Our organization is all volunteer – please consider taking a leadership or service role in our club!!

Public Plant Sale:
The date has been set for April 22, 2017 so as not yo conflict with Easter which is a busy time at Furneys. The later date may help us recover from the cold snap.

ECA Facebook Page”
Kris Stephens will be taking over the admin of our FB page.

2017 National NCS Show dates:
The Portland Chapter of the NCS will be hosting the National Convention again at the Monarch Hotel on October 26-29, 2017. Please contact ECA member Tamara Bliley with any questions.

ECA Cultivars:
Please bring a list of the stools YOU have so we can update our ECA Cultivars list. Below is Don Starks grow list from last year. Please look it over and let Ronnie, Sue, or Steve Joyner know if there are some cultivars you would like to take cuttings from so we can keep these in captivity!!!
Ideally we would have two or three members take cutting from each stool to maximize chances of survival.

MumFather’s Stools(these are plants which Don Stark was growing in 2016)
Alexis 5P
Apricot Alexis 5AOC
Athabasca 1P
Billy Bell 15W
-Yellow Billy Bell 15Y
Connie Mayhew 2/5 Y
Duke of Kent 1W
-Pink Duke of Kent 1P
Fair weather 5Pu
-Primrose Fwx. 5Y
-Salmon Fwx 5AOC
-White Fwx. 5AOC
-Yellow Fwx 5Y
Flair 10P
Gigantic 1AOC
-Amber Gigantic 1AOC
-G0lden Gigantic 1Br
-Bronze Gigantic 1Br
-Silver Gigantic 1AOC
Golden Rain 10Y
Harold Lawson 5Br
Harry Gee 1P
-Amber Harry Gee 1Br
-Apricot Harry G. 1AOC
-Salmon Harry Gee 1AOC
Heather James 3Br
James Bryant 2R
Jane Sharpe 2Br
Jessie Habgood 1W
-Cream Jessie H 1W
-Primrose Jessie H 1Y
-John Hughes 5W
– Yellow John H 5Y
* Keith Luxford 1p
King George 4R
Lancashire Fold 1Pu
Lancashire Lad 1Y
Lilly Gallon 2Pu
Lava 10Br
Lundy 2w
-Yellow Lundy 2Y
Margret Howells 5Y
Mount Rainier 5P
Pat Brophy 2P
Patricia Grace 10p
Patton -2011 Release 2Pu
Primrose Tennis 15Y
Seychelles 2P
Stan Addison 5P
Vienna Waltz 10P
West Bromwich 14W
White City 14W
*DRS Opinion: Keith Luxford was reclassified from a #2 to #1 recently. I wish to make an ECA exception for this , keeping it as a #2.
Rationale: Almost nobody has been able to grow Luxfords to the normal size of a #1 and we need more #2 varieties. years.

ECA Cultivars:
Few of us were as thorough as Don, but please make a list of the cultivars you have and bring it to the January meeting so we can update our Club cultivar list.

NOTICE: If you are growing mums that ARE not listed, in our CULTIVARS of ECA PINCH LIST, please let Ronnie, Mark, or Steve B know what plants they are, if you wish to show them at the National Show in 2017.

December 2016 Newsletter

Greetings All

I hope everyone had mums at their Thanksgiving table!

Our December meeting is Thursday the 8th @ Seattle Police Athletic Association NORTH CLASSROOM @ 7 PM due to an event in the big hall. See our website under about for a map & directions.

This is an important meeting as we determine officers for the coming year. Nominations are encouraged from the floor at the December meeting for all open officer and trustee positions. It is up to all of us to rotate as officers periodically to provide the club fresh ideas and new perspectives.Please plan to be there to discuss leadership opportunities for next season. There will be openings for Yearbook Publisher, at the minimum. We are an all volunteer organization – please step up if you are able.

Our Banquet was held again at Angelo’s in Burien.

2017 Club Dues
Members are encouraged to pay dues for 2017. Annual dues are $15/member or $20/couple. Checks made out to the ECA or cash should be given to Sydney Ogilvie, ECA Treasurer.
If you wish to continue receiving the Newsletters and “To Do” Lists, you are encouraged to pay your dues for 2017 by January, so you are not dropped from our Database. The ECA By-Laws, Article 1, states that fees are due no later than the March meeting for members who have paid dues in 2016.

Also important is that Steve and Sue Joyner will bring a list of stools that Jane Stark has. If you have had success taking cuttings, please plan to grow a few of these cultivars that Don has lovingly and carefully cared for over the years. We do not want to lose any of these plants!!!! Ronnie, John or Mark may have some suggestions for how we can do this.