Chrysanthemum growing is a fun hobby, even if you just learn to take a few cuttings from last year’s plants to put in your yard for the fall riot of color. Or you can up your game and learn to grow exhibition mums and and enter them at our fall show, the largest mum show in America.

We have monthly meetings @ 7 PM in South Seattle which begin with a cultural discussion which is followed by coffee & cookies and then a brief nuts & bolts business meeting concluding at 9 PM. See where we meet in the About ECA tab above and come join us to see how you can grow some of the plants shown below.

We are a 501C3 non profit Gardening Club and raise most of our funds through a public plant sale in April of each year. We have a Garden Tour & Picnic in August, our mum show the last weekend in October and our awards banquet in November.
MarkSydney's sister with Jean's show winning boquetRichard with Best Boquet of BanquetRonnie with some winners from the October show

Most of our members grow "Connie" every year

Most of our members grow “Connie” every year

Don with two big number ones 1

John with a vase of five